Arts and Cultural Expansion Residency

Elevate Revolutionary Art (ERA) welcomes applications to its annual Arts and Cultural Expansion Residency (ACER). Produced by ERA, this semi-annual residency last six
months, and offers an opportunity for emerging, mid-career and established artists to advance their work from a cultural and critical standpoint while raising the visibility and expanding modern representations of Queer men of color. All art practices are welcome.
The Arts and Cultural Expansion Residency encourages you to construct your own interpretations of themes that are central to ERA’s mission and vision. In support of your work, ERA will offer an Honorarium of $2,000.00, fund the creation and display of the work, as well as sponsor travel and educational opportunities that are designed to aid in production. Participation in such opportunities is
mandatory, and every artist will have their work shown in a gallery setting.

ERA fosters an explorative philosophy that should allow you to investigate and critique notions of race, sexuality and cultural equity through representations that directly affect the lives of Queer men of color. Artists will have the opportunity to benefit from an intense production time
enhanced by the exchange of ideas and experiences with peers. The Visual Arts and Cultural Expansion Residency is ideal for those seeking the time and resources to investigate new ideas and deepen existing inquiries within the artistic traditions and experiences of Queer men of color in
ways that engage in meaningful cultural critique.
This is a paid residency and the selected artist(s) will receive a grant to cover their time, and materials. This residency is not available for credit.

Application Instructions:

Enrollment in the Art in Cultural Expansion Residency is based on submission of a personal short essay, as well as:

  1. Statement of intent outlining your creative practice and commitment to gay men of color

  2. CV

  3. Portfolio of 7-10 work samples

    • Allowable file extensions are: gif, jpg, mpg, png.

    • You may also link your website.

    • All samples, links and documents must be emailed to the director at:

Applications must be accompanied by a $40 tax-deductible donation through ERA’s webpage.
Application deadlines are April 1st for Fall/Winter program, and October 1st for Spring/Summer.
Artists may apply at any point throughout the year. Submissions will be reviewed and applicants notified within 4 weeks after the deadline. Although artists aged 18 and up are eligible to apply, this program is not suitable for fledgling artists.