Elevate Revolutionary Art [ERA] provides community connection and holistic education and support through the implementation of programs and art projects that positively impact the lives of queer men of color and their allies.


We envision a world where every gay man is free from oppression and able to live a self-determined life.



[ERA] knows that identities and systems of oppression and privilege are connected and interlocking. We also know that if gay men of color are to be free, we must fight all of those systems of oppression and value and honor each of each other’s identities.


[ERA] believes that movements for social change work best when they incorporate fun and exuberance into their work. We also know that gay men are a joyful group that cherishes celebration and laughter and we will work towards honoring those traditions.


[ERA] believes that gay men must be able to determine the course of their own lives free from external forces. This means that every gay man has an inalienable right to decide how he will live, love, work, and just BE.


[ERA] supports the ongoing efforts of gay men to define themselves for themselves. [ERA] believes that gay men must be able to decide who they are free from controlling images, religious dictates, or community/familial expectations.


[ERA] believes that in order to win justice for every gay man all of our activism, art, and resistance must come from a place of love. Love for ourselves, love for each other, love for our communities, and love for the Earth.